List of prices

The mandatory lessons are gathered in one package which contains:

  • 29 lessons of theory
  • 4 lessons on manoeuvre track
  • 16 driving lessons
  • 4 lessons on the safe road center / slippery track

Mandatory lessons package: 16.800,- dkr


Additional prices:

Test fee for færdselsstyrelsen: 1000,-dkr

Traffic-related first aid course, about: 600,-dkr

Medical certificate from your doctor about: 500,- dkr

Passport photo: Approximately 100,- dkr (we recommend this cheap but very good app “idfotos”)

Booking fee per test: 100,- dkr

Billing fee per invoice: 30,-dkr

Eventually 90 days access to drive4you: 199,- dkr (100,-dkr cheaper than on their website)

Extra driving lessons per 45 minutes: 600,- dkr

Car rental for the test: 750,- dkr

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