The Course with first aid and driving lessons

About the Course

At first we need to know the very basics things in and about a car.

And then we take you to the next level bit by bit, until you have had.

  • 8 times of theory (29 lessons)
  • 4 lessons on manoeuvre track
  • 16 lessons of driving
  • 4 lessons on the road safety center/ slippery track

These lessons are the mandatory lessons and should be perceived as the absolute minimum of lessons, its different from one person to another how much the person needs to get ready for the final road test, we will of course inform you about this during your driving lessons.

The Theory Test

The theoretical part of the test is a setup of 25 pictures like a multiple choice test with up to 4 questions per picture and you’ll have to write/tick off the answer with yes or no.

To pass this test you have to answer at least 20 pictures correctly.

The Road Test with driving lessons

The practical part of the driving lessons starts with some questions about the car equipment, asked by the specialist, if your answers are correct you will get to the next part which is the driving part.

During the driving part you might have to show a parallel parking, 3 point turn, turning backwards around a corner, make a lane change and so on, the driving itself has to be almost perfect. Here you can also find out how to get the best start.

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